Europe Comics / Krasse Knarren / 1. Alive and Still Kicking

Krasse Knarren

1. Alive and Still Kicking

Collection Hors Collection Dargaud
Série Krasse Knarren
Scénario Wilfrid Lupano
Dessin Paul Cauuet
Editeur Europe Comics
Tome 1 / 3
Nb de pages 56
Genre Humour

Résumé de l'éditeur

Three old geezers, activists, and lifelong friends reunite at the funeral of the wife of one of them, Antoine, who finds out about a long ago liaison between his dearly departed and the reviled billionaire who owns the factory they all worked in. Livid, Antoine jumps in his car and heads for Italy with revenge on his mind, his two buddies and his pregnant granddaughter following close behind. A chance to reminisce about the past, to fantasize about sticking it to the man, to discuss what's wrong with the world, to bridge the generation gap, to forgive and forget and settle scores. A wickedly funny geriatric road trip!

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